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Soft Star Magazine features stories of science fiction, futurism, and speculative fiction with a healthy dose of optimism. No dystopias here; Soft Star stands for curiosity, openness, and the inherent magic of the unknown.

Soft Star publishes both online via this newsletter as well as in periodic print issues.

About the Editor

Miranda Adkins is the Editor-in-Chief of Soft Star Magazine. She is a writer, a linguist, and a software engineer. Her love of lit mags began when she served as the Design Editor and the Editor-in-Chief of Echo Literary Magazine during her time as a student at the University of Texas at Austin (2013-2017). She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Miranda Adkins

✨ Linguist + sci fi enthusiast 🪐 EIC of Soft Star Magazine 🌎 SLC, UT