A poem based on the ancient Egyptian Book of Gates, a mythic narrative of death and rebirth
In a Singaporean skyscraper, a wormhole becomes the topic of discussion over drinks
The wormhole lives among us, and its impact on the people most in need can be spectacular.
Max Barker is a short story and comic book writer from Sheffield, England, specialising in magical realism, speculative fiction and bizzarro science…
A woman crash-lands on Earth from Mars, forever altering her life and the lives of a rural Michigan family
A tale of two wormholes, told in two parts
A tale of two wormholes
Digital poetry collage inspired by mythology
Erasure poetry and collage about an irreversible decision

February 2023

Updates on Grid Zine Fest, AI submissions, and progress on Issue Three: Wormhole
What comes out the other side may be unexpected
Two sisters discuss their resentment before the end of the world.