A story of family, loss, and finding one's purpose by Dori Lumpkin
A story about a lonely astronaut, his long journey, and what we're all really looking for when we look to the stars
A lonely navigator endangers her ship when the solitude of wormhole travel proves to be too much for her.
Flash fiction from Francine Witte
An indigenous futurist story in which a freezing woman must harness the power of the aurora to return home.
Into the unknown
Nonlinear speculative fiction by Teresa Berkowitz
A love poem about the aurora australis
The bored daughter of the Divine Eternal, Andromeda searches for her own way to leave a mark on the vast darkness of creation. But being a creator isn't…
Speculative lyrical poetry inspired by winter's early nightfall and the fear and hope surrounding the night sky
A mother contemplates the past and the future—DNA, the universe, and what she has to offer
Enter the void and explore what lies beyond what we know and understand.