How to Support Soft Star Magazine

Jan 2, 2023

Running a magazine as a team of one has been an immense joy. However, it isn't cheap, and so far I've been covering all costs myself. Those costs are mostly comprised of printing and postage costs for contributor copies of the print issues. If you’d like to help out with operating costs, consider one of the following options:

Upgrade to a Paid Subscription

Soft Star offers tiered subscriptions here on Substack. General access to the site will always be free, but if you choose to become a paid subscriber, 100% of your subscription contribution goes back into the magazine (plus, you’ll receive some additional perks!) Learn more about subscription tiers here.

Upgrade your subscription

Purchase a Physical Copy

Physical copies of every print issue are available for purchase on Amazon. You can buy your copy through your country’s local Amazon marketplace. More information here.

Buy a Coffee on Ko-fi

This is the easiest and most low-commitment way to help out Soft Star! Contribute once or set up a monthly donation on the magazine’s Ko-fi page.